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Samuel Kelley

Samuel Kelley born in Westminster, MD. He was the son of John Mathews Kelley and ???? Greenbrier. (First name unknown)

He married Ruth Griffith

The children of Samuel kelley and Ruth Griffith were:

Elizabeth Kelley b. June 11, 1797 .

Charlotte Kelley born November 18, 1798

Eleanor Kelley born November 23, 1800

William Kelley born May 29, 1803

Rachel Kelley Spetember 28, 1805

Samuel Kelley, Jr. November 13, 1808

John Greenberry kelley born January 7, 1811

Ruth Kelley born May 4, 1813

Ann Eliza born April 30, 1816

Jesse William Mitten born in 1834

Rachel R Mitten born in 1837

Thomas G. Mitten born in 1843

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