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Kenneth Dye

Kenneth Dye was born in 1757 in New Jersey. He was the son of William Dye and Margaret Salter, also referenced as Sarah Salter. Kenneth Dye died in 1817 Mason County, Kentucky.He married Jane Vanderbeck who died before 1815 when he married Phebe Mounteer Dye, his sister-in-law and widow of Williama Dye.

Kenneth Dye's children are all mentioned in his will "proven" in 1817.

The children of Kenneth and Jane Vanderbeck were:

  • Peter Dye b. 4-11-1782 in NJ d. 1822, Mason Co., KY - Married Abigail Dye April 20, 1805 in Mason County, KY. (Note: Abigail Dye was the daughter of William and Phoebe Dye. She and Peter were first cousins.

  • William Dye b. 4-11-1784 in NJ - Married Charlotte Wells 2-2-1805 in Mason County, KY.

  • Rachael Dye -b. 9-10-1785 and died 10-1- 1806, Married John Shotwell, 3-1-1803 in Mason CO., KY

  • Phoebe Dye -b. About 1787 and died before 1817, Married Charles Maxfield, 2-20-1805 in Mason CO., KY

  • Margaret Dye -b. About 1789 and died before 1817, Married Nathan SHotwell, 1-13-1806 in Mason CO., KY

  • James Dye b. About 1791- Married Susan Fulcher in 1845 .

  • Martha Dye -Born 5-7-1792 and died 1813. Married George Burroughs 1-8-1810

  • David Dye born b.2-9-1797and d. 1866 in Mason County, KY, married Susan Burroughs (no children) and Nancy Patterson 11-25-1822. She was born in 1800 in Virginia, the daughter of Francis Patterson .

  • John Dye b. 2-4-1799- Married Parthena Frances Gow in 9-17-1817.

  • Kenneth Dye - born in 10-26-1804. Married Julia Vorhees in 1827.

  • Jane Dye b. 1807 and died before 1875

  • Hiram Dye - b. 4-13-1807 Married Martha Ann Clift in 1845 .

    Special thanks to Kari Northup for her contributions to this page. Dye family reasearchers may contact Kari at Kari is a descendant of Peter and Abigail Dye.

    Kenneth Dye's Will

    I, Kenneth Dye of the County of Mason and State of Kentucky, being in a low state of health, but of perfect mind and memory, do this fifteenth day of March and year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, make and ordain the instrument of writing as my last will and testament and do dispose of my estate, real and personal in the following manner. I give to my son, David Dye, one young horse four years old, one cow and calf, and six sheep and six hogs. I give to my son James Dye one bay mare called Jin, and fifteen dollars in money and four sheep. I give to my son Hiram Dye ninety dollars to be paid to him when he arrives of the age of twenty one years. I give to my son Kenneth Dye one hundred dollars and the andirons I now use, the money to be paid him at the age of twenty one years. I give to my daughter Jane one bed and bedding and curtains, one looking glass and sixty dollars all out of my personal estate. I give my beloved wife Phebe Dye all the property she brought to me including slaves and household furniture, also provisions of bread and meat sufficient for six months and two hogs, also one half of the rent of her place for the last year: providing she shall except of it as her right of dower or in lieu of her thirds, all remainder of my estate which is not here disposed to be divided between all my sons and daughters (unreadable) Peter Dye, William Dye, David Dye, John Dye, Hiram Dye, Kenneth Dye, the children of my deceased daughter Rachel, Margaret and Martha and my daughters Phebe and Jane, that is to say the two children of my daughter Rachel to have one share divided between them, the children of my daughter Margaret to have one share divided between them, the children of my daughter Martha to have one share divided between them to be kept at interest or laid out in bank stock for them, that is all except their share of land at the discretion of my executor the land I now own to be rented to the best advantage year by year til my youngest son comes of age at which it shall be equally divided between all my sons and daughters and my deceased daughters children before named together with all rents and money that may be left after bringing up and sufficiently schooling my youngest son and daughter, and my son Hiram six months schooling, and paying all my just debts, it is my desire that my sons Hiram and Kenneth be put to trades such as they may choose. And I do hereby appoint my friend Jonathan Roffs executor to this my last will and testament, also guardian to all my children under age.

    In Witness whereof, I have set my hand and seal the day and year above named.

    Kenneth Dye X his mark seal

    Witness present

    John Shotwell

    Jonathan Roffs

    William Dye

    Mason County April Court 1817

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