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Heroes and Villains

This is a list of all of the heroes and villains in my life. The heroes are in here by at least first name, but the villains are identified by description only. (You know who you are!)


Bob and Mary Jean - My parents. For all of their problems, they were very good to me and they did the best they could
George W. and Mary Faye - My grandparents. Any good that is in me came from them, especially George W.
Jean - My good friend and companion. She accepted me without question and offered me everything she had even though I had nothing to offer in return.
Sandi - My wonderful cyberfriend who helped me through my darkest days of depression. She is a true angel.
All of the Friends of Bill W. - A wonderful organization and wonderful people. You are my family.


My second wife who had spent tireless hours trying to keep me from being with my chilren. She finds any reason she can to send them away, especially during the weekend of Father's Day.
My son's therapist who found more interest in hounding me for a one hour consultation fee than in healing the relationship between my son and me. I am still waiting to receive his "Reconciliation with Ryan" plan which was supposed to have been part of the divorce decree and which is now about four years overdue!
Providian Bank who siezed what money I had and almost caused me to starve. I hope they watch It's a Wonderful Life and pay particular notice to Mr. Potter.
My third wife who, instead of "forsaking all others" decided her husband should be at the bottom of her list of concerns. She turned me out when I was ill. When she was ill and having a tough time coping with a chemical dependency, I stuck by her.
My "friends", Charlie and Ronnie, who were inseparable with me until the break-up of my second marriage and then disappeared from my life without a care or concern as to my welfare.

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