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Gary's Education - Where I learned Everything I didn't Need to Know

This is my education page. I spent many years getting my formal education and much of it has had little to do with my life or work as things turned out. But I do not regret any of it. There was a lot of value to each diploma and degree. I am not out digging ditches as my grandmother warned if I didn't get my education.

The main thing that GCC did for me was to keep me out of the draft for five years. (There was a war going on then!) I alos met many good friends whom I see now and then.

GCC has always been at its best when it ignores its own hype. I remember how much the administration tried to cram their personal religious teachings down our throats. However, the real administrators such as Dr. Kring and Sr. Sweezy, understood that no matter how many required chapel hours were imposed, freedom of religion (or the lack of it) would prevail.

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Boardman High School: Class of 1966 - Great years
Grove City College: A.B. in English - 1970 after a five year struggle
Morgan State University: M.A. in English - with honors!