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The E-Magazine for Adelphikos Alumni

Number 2, Volume1 Summer, 2001


News and Stuff

The Return of Tode

Tode, that lovable character who used to have his own cartoons strip in the Collegian, is back for more zany adventures. Having left GCC and returned to Rocky River, Ohio thirty years before, Tode returns to the campus as a guest lecturer on all sort of subjects.

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Jake Break

Much of this issue is dedicated to the antics of our own Jake Urine (Jay Curran)1970. He is such a good sport that he does not mind all of this teasing. After all, who has more nicknames than Jake? (Critter, Bork, Gazelle, Curlin)


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Table of Contents
Summer 2001

The Decline of the Adels

Tode Returns (Comix Page)

A feature on the Jake Urine Test

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